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Tips for growing strawberry plants
Cycle of the strawberry plant (strawberry)

- Winter (strawberry)

Period of short days and low temperatures in which there is a cessation of growth until the plant accumulates the necessary cold and out of dormancy.

- Spring (strawberry)

With rising temperatures and gradual lengthening of days, see a resumption of vegetative, flowering and fruiting, increasing day length.

- Summer (strawberry)

Influential period of long days and high temperatures, the plant grows and multiplies vegetatively by stolons issue.

- Fall (strawberry)

With incidence of short days and falling temperatures, there is a gradual cessation of growth, with accumulation of reserves in the roots. Start the floral initiation and plant dormancy.
As seen strawberry plants can be grown in every year fehcas and appreciation is very big in Europe and in Anglo-Saxon countries.